Neck Scarves

Neck Scarves

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NZ Handwoven Neck Scarves made from Alpaca and Organic Merino Wool - so soft, light and warm.

Once reserved for Incan royalty, the alpaca is natures best kept secret. For over five thousand years the alpaca fibre has been prized for its strength , its beauty, its softness and its warmth. Rediscovered only recently, it is now revered throughout the world.  Available in:

Alpaca Black

Alpaca Grey/Black

Alpaca Dress Stewart Tartan

Alpaca Royal Stewart Tartan

Alpaca Fawn Check

Alpaca Grey/Black Check

Organic Merino Plaid

Organic Merino Stone

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Neck Scarf Designs

Alpaca Black, Alpaca Grey/Black, Alpaca Dress Stewart Tartan, Alpaca Royal Stewart Tartan, Alpaca Fawn Check, Alpaca Grey/Black Check, Organic Merino Plaid, Organic Merino Stone

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