Ashburton Honey

Ashburton Honey

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Ashburton Apiaries are producers of premium quality Clover honey and Honeydew.  They source their honey from the fertile Mid-Canterbury region, stretching from the coast to the Alps.  Available in 2 flavours:  Creamed Clover and Honeydew.  Both are packaged in 500gr and 1kg family packs.  Intense flavour at a great price.

Clover honey is one of the most popular honey varieties produced in New Zealand. There are many different tastes to Clover honeys that are produced throughout New Zealand. We are fortunate to be able to produce a high quality product from this area due to the major clover cropping zone that is farmed in this region.  The product is renowned for its mild flavours, sweetness, versatility and great colour, we endeavour to supply the Market with the best Clover honey we can produce.  Our Clover honey has a smooth and silky texture, this is due to the fine crystals that form in the honey during the creaming process. There are no additives used in the creaming process of any New Zealand honeys, they are all pure products.
Sourced from the Southern Beech tree that extends from Nelson to the bottom of the Canterbury region. The product is of dark colour that retains its liquid base, with rich malt and woody flavours.  Recent research undertaken in New Zealand has shown that this product has very high levels of antioxidants when compared to other honeys produced in New Zealand.


Buckwheat honey has many excellent properties and is a sought-after product in America. A lot of information is available on the Internet relating to this special honey.  The taste of this honey is very distinctive and could be described as “rich and dense, strong and deep, robust, heavy-bodied, bold, pronounced aroma, flavoursome, butterscotch-like, reminiscent of molasses, caramel-like, and malty tones”.

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