Anti Fog Face Mask

Anti Fog Face Mask

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Double skinned fitted Face Mask to minimise spectacle fogging.  Made from 2 layers of 100% cotton fabric these face masks are comfortable to wear with very little air leakage.  To be effective the top of the Face Mask needs to fit under the lower rim of the spectacles.  However because of their efficiency there is more resistance than the moulded single layered 100% cotton mask.

Please note this is not a medical device, nor is it PPE certified.  However this fabric has been tested to 0.02 micron bacteriophage MS2 particles and is 71% effective (US Smart Air Filters).  Coronavirus is 0.1 micron (5 x larger).

Available in two sizes (Medium & Large) in the following eleven prints:  Apples & Pears, Black, Bonkers for Baseball (Blue Tones), Camo, Count Your Blessing (Earth Tones), Eiffel Tower, Fish Fun (Teal on Off White), Happy Jack -o-Lantern, Mid Blue, Navy, Red Tulips.  Because of demand some designs aren't available in both sizes.


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Afghan, Apples & Pears, asdasds, Beige, Best Friends, Black, Black & Silver Fern, Black and White Houndstooth, Black Oilskin, Black with Beige Mesh, Black with Black Mesh, Blue, Bone, Bonkers for Baseball, Brown, Brown Full Grain Leather, Brown with Beige Mesh, Camo, Camo with Beige Mesh, Charcoal, Charcoal with Black Trim, Chocolate, Count your Blessing, Crown, Dark brown, Deer, Eiffel Tower, Fish Fun, Green, Happy Jack-o-Lantern, Khaki, Mocha, Mocha Suede, Musical, Navy, Olive Brown, Olive Brown Suede, Ovals, Peek-a-Boo, Pip the Penguin, Red, Rust, Rustic Beige, Rustic Brown, Sand, Sand Canvas, Silver, Spots, Stars, Tan, Taupe, Tulips, Tuscan, White


Calf Skin, Canvas, Canvas Mesh, Cotton, Deerskin, Full Grain Leather, Lambskin, Leather, Leather Mesh, Leather Mesh & Silver Fern, Merino, Nappa, Nubuck Leather, Oiled, Oilskin, Polycotton, Stressed Leather, Suede


1 x Medium & 1 x Large, 1kg, 2 x Large, 2 x Medium, 4XLarge, 500gr, 5XLarge, Extra Large, Extra Large (40 – 44cm), Extra Small, Extra Small (52cm to 53cm), Large, Large (36 – 40cm), Medium, Medium (32 – 36cm), Small, Small (28 – 32cm), XS, XSmall, XXL (44 – 48 cm), XXLarge, XXS, XXSmall, XXXL, XXXL (63cm+), XXXLarge, XXL (62cm), Extra Large (60cm to 61cm), Large (58cm to 59cm), Medium (56cm to 57cm), Small (54cm to 55cm)

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